Our mission, our promise

My wife and I started our business out of our passion for Just Running. We have 3 little kids and found that somewhere between being young and fit, that we had become older and unfit. So we made a positive change to our lives simply through getting on the treadmill. That progressed to walking/jogging around the block after kids went to bed, park runs, fun runs, 10km races and half marathons and in 2019 we completed the Ultratrail 50km together and had a blast. 


 The thing is that no matter how slow you go or progress, you are still a stronger person today than yesterday! Our next challenge is to compete in Ultratrail 100km and its all about getting out and being social, having fun and fit.

We created Just Running as a business because of the positive changes that running helped us achieve. We want to be able to help others locally by providing performance running equipment for all types of running. Our goal is to provide great prices that will make you want to shop with us. Our business is only small, but growing with every customer.

Just remember, it does not take much to get into running -  A good pair of shoes is a must, some comfortable clothes and a desire to change.