Have you ever had a crazy goal so big it scares you?

So its starts like this, early one Wednesday morning after having a disturbed sleep where something inside me ticking. I had a big road trip ahead of me where phone reception is limited. For some crazy reason during my good morning message to my wife, I decided to propose to her all over again..... but this time it was for something that I didn't think I would say.

I have only been running for over a year after getting off the couch. I watched my wife Jen run on the treadmill while I was on Netflix or playing PS4. After a few months of watching her sweat it out and curse, I thought i would reunite myself with running... sure I used to do it when i was younger, how hard can it be right?

So I downloaded the C25K and started racking up the treadmill time. That year Jen completed some fun runs and her first Half marathon at Blackmores Sydney Running festival with some awesome motivation from Running Mums Australia. The following year she completed the UTA22 which was a great achievement for Jen, whilst also being a great role model for our 3 kids. I was standing at the finish line with our family cheering mum over the line.

So in the new year I made myself a goal of completing all the Regional NSW running festival 10K events; Orange, Bathurst, Mudgee, Dubbo, Forbes and Carcoar plus committing to the local parkruns and events such as Mt Panorama Punish and also running 1000 km in 2018.

Back to my crazy proposal, my message went to my wife a little something like this

"So I might be a little crazy, but you already knew that when I proposed to you.... you said I Do!.... so will you do the UTA50 with me?".

Jen replied a little shocked, but said yes. The message meant that I had to be in phone reception by 10am.... It was Wednesay 26th September, UTA Entry day.

I pulled into a truck stop, fired the laptop up with hotspot and got our UTA50 tickets by 10:16am. Yeeeow!

UTA50 sold within hours and with the UTA22 sold the following day and the UTA100 within 4 days of opening... SELLOUT!

Now the training... our journey together is about having fun and the finish line, not the time!

What is your scary goals and dreams?

Looking forward to sharing our journey with you.

Chris & Jen

Just Running.... could be walking most of the way!