Our UTA50 Training.

Did you get caught up in the excitement of #ultratrailaustralia and now have a UTA hangover and dont know where to start? Well there is time to do something about it... get training!

So my wife and I have both entered in the UTA50 2019. It is both exciting that this will be a HUGE day for us with what we will encounter on the day as an unknown. So how do you go from not running 12 months ago to now running UTA50?

We have looked around at many training products but the main thing Jen and I want to be our focus is Injury prevention. We both personally know that it is not fun when your training hard and then you get a running injury or niggle that slowly eats away at your confidence and drags back your running performance. This is the reason why we chose the training plan that we have.

The first thing in my mind when we entered in the UTA50 was that the increase in distance for us will be factor, as we currently can run the 22km mark. The main thing that resonates in my mind is the golden rule of no more than 10% increase in km per week. So to ease my mind a simple check shows it will take around 13 weeks taking it conservatively to increase. By conservative I mean that I put a rest week in week 5 &10, and then on week 6 & 11 I remain at the previous running weeks distance only to then increase the following week.

Wk4 32.2 km

Wk5 Rest week

Wk6 32.2 No Increase

Wk7 35.4 km

So with 13 weeks in mind, it means that we can appropriately schedule that and know when we need to increase distance safely and not cramming it. So we will see how this fits into the training program we chose as this may already be incorporated.

So back to now, We have looked at various programs and each have their own positives and there is some great ones out there, so do your research and make your own decision.

Jen and I have gone with "The Body Mechanic Locker room" #thebodymech as it is a two program approach. Firstly is the 12 weeks "Strength and Base Training" which is to build the foundations of a stronger you. Secondly is the UTA specific training which is 16 weeks starting in January. What we like about this program is that it incorporates strength, stability, aerobic and also our favourite foam rolling.

To make it clear, we are by no means sponsored by The body mechanic and this is just the choice we made.

So we are currently into Week 2 of the TBM Strength and Base program, it has not been hard but has certainly got us moving and using different muscles that we would not normally spend the time to improve. Things such as the daily ritual and other stability movements are certainly showing areas we can improve on.

So to give you a snapshot of what week 2 has for us

- 4 sessions of Foam Rolling.

- 3 sessions of Strength and Stability exercises.

- MAF Test (Maximum Aerobic Function).

- 3 minimum Runs of various types with optional runs based upon your level. We are sticking with Intermediate which has us with 5 short runs. They vary from flat, rolling hills with accelerations and trail run.

So how are you training for #uta100training #uta50training #uta22training Let us know.

Watch our blog updates as we progress our training.